Providing Tips to Outdoor Guides

There are certain industries where it’s obvious that a service worker should be tipped. Usually, these are service workers we encounter frequently such as restaurant staff, hair stylists, hotel staff, and valets to name a few. They do a quick service for you and you provide a customary tip. Many people who go on an outfitted adventure with a professional guide are doing so for the first time and it can be confusing to know when you should tip your guide and how much to budget for tipping.

Am I required to tip my guide(s)?

You are not required to tip, however it is customary in the guided tour industry in the United States. Your outdoor guide should act with the utmost professionalism and work hard to earn your trust and ensure that your adventure goes smoothly. The standard gratuity for guided trips in the U.S. is 10 – 15% of the trip price.

AOA prides itself on having an outstanding crew of guides and a team dedicated to customer service. The guides expect to meet and even exceed all your expectations. They appreciate gratuities for a job well done and the staff always divide all tips equally so think of your tip as a whole, rather than a per guide amount. Often travelers will pool their gratuity and present it to the guide(s) at the end of the trip. These are only suggestions. Tipping is at your discretion.

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