Nikki Thompson

Day Tours Guide

Guiding since:


At AOA since:



Bothell, WA

What type of tours do you guide?

Single-day Tours – a Raft Master Extraordinaire!


I love dogs, white water, and starry nights.

What do you love most about guiding?

Nature provides so many opportunities for building your strength, courage, and curiosity.

A memorable moment from your job:

A Great Blue Heron plucked a fish out of the water. His big wingspan and sharp beak were no match for the struggling fish. As the heron flew over the river, he lost grip on the fish and dropped it. The fish began it’s free fall, as the raft drifted closer. We all screamed, when the fish impacted the raft. All of us scrambling around laughing, as it flopped around, until we got it overboard. Hilarity ensued.