Kelly Hauer

Multi-day Tours Guide

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Scottsdale, AZ

What type of tours do you usually guide?

Multi-day Tours

Hobbies/fun facts:

When there’s free time outside of work, I enjoy hitting the local dirt roads/trails by foot, bike or car. If there’s enough time, a road trip to a new location is always on the mind. Favored outdoor hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, backpacking, and car camping. I like staying active but I try not to forget the importance of a good book and catching up on sleep.

What do you love most about guiding/working in adventure travel?

I really enjoy seeing people truly relax. People lead such busy lives. You get people looking up at the stars for the first time in years! Seeing guests turn off their phones and avoid work emails because they can is just so awesome. It’s like you get to witness some people releasing their inner child! I love that.