Grace Lemen

Multi-day Tours Guide

Guiding since:

I have been an interpretive park ranger with the National Park Service at Grand Teton National Park for the past three years seasonally (May-Oct 2016, April-Oct 2017, March-Oct 2018).

At AOA since:



Madison, IN

What type of tours do you guide?

Multi-day Tours

Hobbies/fun facts:

Unsurprisingly, most of my hobbies revolve around the outdoors: hiking, kayaking, camping, backpacking, or simply finding a nice spot beneath some pines to read a book. I also enjoy cooking and a variety of creative outlets like photography and oil painting. For work and for enjoyment, I love learning about the local flora and fauna, geography, and cultural history of an area. Fun fact? I have worked at 3 different pizza restaurants (pineapple and jalapenos are my favorite toppings!).

What do you love most about guiding?

What I love most about working in the outdoor/adventure industry is storytelling. As I explore these wild places, I learn their story. My job allows me to tell that story so that others can feel connected to the land. Through storytelling, I get to use my voice to speak for mountains, animals and plants.

I also get to learn the stories of people from all over the world. I get the opportunity to see the perspectives of all kinds of individuals. And if I do my job right, I can hopefully connect the stories of land and people into one.

Share a memorable moment from your job:

A memorable moment from my job would the be solar eclipse in 2017. The line of totality went directly over the visitor center I worked at in Grand Teton National Park and I was working that day getting photographs of everyone enjoying the pre-eclipse events and the eclipse itself. The NPS staff had worked all summer to make that day go smoothly and safe for all of the visitors. The entire morning I got watch and interact with people who had come from all over the country and world to see this amazing event in a beautiful national park. There was so much positive energy between everyone. I feel extremely lucky to have had that opportunity.