Brandon Jeffery

Multi-day Tours Guide

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Encinitas, CA

What type of tours do you usually guide?

Multi-day Tours

Hobbies/fun facts:

I am an amateur  photographer, I love taking pictures of the night sky. I can be found bringing my camera into the back country. Others read or draw in the wilderness, I find my quiet time while taking pictures. In the winters I spend my time
teaching snowboarding.

What do you love most about guiding/working in adventure travel?

My favorite part of being in the guiding and adventure travel, is the shared experience. Sometimes it showing people a brand new wonder for the first time, other times its standing at the bottom of a daunting hike and wondering how much we are going to suffer on the way up. The sense of accomplishment for myself and my guests never ceases to amaze.

Share a memorable moment from your job:

While hiking the Grand View Trail in Grand Canyon National Park, a classic monsoon developed just over head, nothing unusual for the time of year in the Northern Arizona, this storm presented as a micro-burst. Sudden and very intense rain/wind/hail started falling on us, as we sought shelter underneath the only rocky overhang that could protect from the elements our visibility was reduced to fifty feet, the trail began to flood, it was so loud we had to yell to talk to each other, we assumed the lightning position, it was in this moment that the lightning strike ripped the air apart right in front of us, striking the cliff face below. The sound was deafening, the shockwave powerful, pressing us against the rocks at our backs. Everyone was fine, we had all felt the electricity it is easily the most memorable moment, being in such close proximity to the power of nature and walking away unharmed.