Guide Gear Wishlist

Expert Advice
Oct 2017

We’ve asked a few of our guides what gear they’ve been wanting to invest in this year, and this is what they had to say!

Megan Anderson, Multi-Day Tours

(1) Klymit Armored V: A durable sleeping pad – both leak and pop-proof!

(2) NEMO Stargazer Chair: What an awesome way to spend campfire time!

Hydro Flask’s Soft Cooler Pack (Unbound Series): I’d love this for bringing along baby’s food and milk into the backcountry.

(11) ENO’s Tandem Fuse Hammock System: So my husband and I can camp out in our hammocks with just two trees!

(3) Deuter Kid Comfort 2: This child carrier would be great to bring my kid to Havasupai this year!



Meredith, Multi-Day Tours Guide

(5) J Skis’ Masterblaster Wildlife Graphic: If you don’t know who J Skis are – you should.  This is an amazing small ski company started by Jason Leventhal who founded Line Skis and also Full Tilt Boots.  Not only is he producing small batch, made by hand, amazingly shredable skis. He is collaborating with top artists to have the sickest graphics in limited quantities.

G3 AT bindings: I’m going to throw new bindings on the Masterblasters and have so much fun in the backcountry this season!




Tim Dice, Multi-day Tours Guide

(16) Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed: Warm, comfortable, and roomy!

(6) A paraglider set up: Seriously…I am going to learn this winter!

A Stand up Paddle board: For getting out on the water more often!







Stephanie, Multi-day Tours Guide

Black Diamond 9.9 60 m Climbing Rope

(7) Black Diamond Super Chute Rope Bag

(8) A set of Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack Draws

Climbing is one of my favorite past times, so I’m looking to upgrade and add to my gear this year! Black Diamond is always a good brand to check out when shopping for climbing gear.






Kevin Thomas, Multi-day Tours Guide

(15) Rab Windveil Jacket: Wind is tricky to deal with when backpacking.  It strips warmth and saps energy, but if I put on an extra layer I’ll overheat immediately.  That’s where this awesome wind jacket comes in.  It will completely protect me from the wind, but at 5oz it’s so lightweight and breathable I won’t sweat while wearing it.

Mystery Ranch PackI’ve been guiding this year using a daypack by Mystery Ranch, and I love it so much I’m going to ask for one of their backpacking packs.  Mystery Ranch started out by building packs for brush fire fighters and special ops teams.  Their packs are bombproof, have a unique (and awesome) suspension system, and have lots of pockets to organize all your kit.

(12) Kora Shola BoxersKora’s one of my favorite companies.  They work exclusively with yak wool, and therefore make some of the coziest, warmest-for-weight outdoor clothing around.  And their stuff doesn’t skimp on looks.  Since I’ll be going running back home in Chicago, where the temperatures regularly drop below freezing, I’ll be adding their boxers to my collection to stay warm.


Other gear to check out!

(4) Hydro Flask Coffee Mug: If you don’t already have an insulated mug, Hydroflask is a great solution for keeping your liquids warm and cold, with multiple size options too.

(9) Yeti Cooler: Whether you go for a soft-shell (versatile) or hard-shell (durable) Yeti cooler, you’ll be sure to have cold beer and fresh food for days while on an outdoor adventure.

(10) Stanley’s Camping Kitchen Set: Everything you need in a camping kitchen set and more. Read Outside Online’s review of it!

(13) Luminaid Solar Lantern & Phone Charger: Luminaid’s new PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger would be an awesome piece of gear to have for any adventure. Charge the phone and light up the area all at the same time!

(14) Burton Expedition Pants: An awesome base layer for those chilly winter nights and morning hikes!


So, what’s on your gear wish list for this year?