Grand Canyon North Rim Hiking Tour

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4 days, 3 nights
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Join our guided Grand Canyon hiking tour at the North Rim for 4 days of camping and exploring all that this high elevation plateau has to offer. We’ll spend 3 nights camped out under the towering pines and crisp star filled skies just a short walk away from the Grand Canyon North Rim. The hiking trails here lead to picturesque vistas and below the canyon rim to experience the magnitude of this natural wonder in a way that few visitors do.

Choosing to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon allows us to escape 90% of the crowds and envelop ourselves in the solitude of the canyon. People often ask us “where is the Grand Canyon’s North Rim?” Sandwiched between the Arizona-Utah and the canyon’s edge, the North Rim is remote and unique. The weather in this part of Grand Canyon offers cool temperatures in the summer and winter snow that makes for a short visitor season. Perfect for groups of friends, active families, and single travelers, this guided adventure to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon provides comfortable camping, access to iconic and hard-to-reach wilderness areas, high adventure, and all logistics. With food, permits, available rental gear, and the complex details taken care of you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

What's Included

Tour Price Includes

  • 3 nights camping at North Rim Campground
  • Roundtrip transportation from host hotel in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Basecamp gear (kitchen equipment, hand washing station, dish washing station, camp chairs, etc.)
  • Meals starting on lunch Day 1 through lunch Day 4
  • Water and snacks
  • Professional Wilderness First Responder certified guides

Permit & Land Use Fees Include

  • Grand Canyon National Park entry and commercial fees
  • Wupatki National Monument entry and commercial fees

Not Included ​​​​​​​

  • Personal insurance and expenses
  • Airfare to and from Scottsdale, AZ
  • Pre- or post-trip lodging
  • Breakfast Day 1, dinner Day 4
  • Tent (available to rent from AOA)
  • Sleeping bag (available to rent from AOA)
  • Sleeping pad (available to rent from AOA)
  • Day hiking pack (available to rent from AOA)
  • Gratuities to AOA Guides

Upgrades + Additions

Gear Rental

  • 4-Person Basecamp Tent ($55 per tent)
  • Inflatable sleeping pad ($35 per pad, sleeping pads add insulation and are required on AOA trips)
  • Sleeping bag and linen set rental ($35 per)
  • 30 to 40 liter daypack ($25 per pack)
  • Trekking poles (complimentary upon request)

Optional Additions

  • Purchase: 3-liter Camelbak reservoir/bladder ($35 each)
Optional upgrades, additions, and rentals subject to tax (8.05%).


2019 Rates

  • TOUR PRICE $ 1195 pp 1195 pp
  • +Permits & Land Fees $ 60 pp* 60 pp

*Subject to change and will be based on actual costs at time of departure

*Subject to change and will be based on actual costs at time of departure

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Hiking group stands on Grand Canyon North Rim overlook

Today we shuttle from Scottsdale/Phoenix to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park with some interesting stops along the way. There are a number of advantages to starting from Phoenix instead of starting your Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas, including the incredibly diverse scenery along the way and interesting stopping points. One break is at Cameron Indian Trading Post; established in 1916, it is a famous showplace for fine Native American and Southwestern art, as well as a perfect lunch spot. After lunch we’ll get back on the road, skirting the edge of the colorful Painted Desert. Once we cross the canyon-cutting Colorado River via the historic Navajo Bridge, we will start a gradual climb on to the Kaibab Plateau. We’ll have one final break at the tiny town of Jacob Lake to take advantage of their famous homemade cookies before we head out to our first hike where we have the opportunity to stretch our legs and get our first breathtaking views of the eastern rim at the northern boundary of the park. We will hike along the rim and out to Point Imperial; at an impressive 8,800 feet of elevation it is the highest viewpoint on the North Rim. This area is in recovery from a landscape-altering wildfire in 2000 and is a great spot to learn about the fascinating world of fire ecology. Day’s end will find us setting up a basecamp nestled within Grand Canyon National Park and enjoying a guide-prepared dinner in this spectacular setting.


4 miles


Campground in Grand Canyon National Park


Breakfast on your own, Lunch and dinner included

Hiking group stands on Grand Canyon North Rim overlook
Hiking group passes Coconino Overlook sign in Grand Canyon

Get ready for a challenging trek into the heart of the canyon! Today’s hike starts with up to 4.7 miles downhill, a 3,050-foot descent into the grandest of canyons! Each step takes us thousands of years back in geologic time through ancient oceans, deserts, lakes, and swamps. With mind-blowing vistas and fascinating trail design, the North Kaibab Trail will instill in you a new perspective on the magnitude of the Grand Canyon. Once down, we come upon the cascading waterfall of Roaring Springs, the water source for both the North and South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Today we’ll find a relaxing spot to enjoy lunch within the canyon before beginning the uphill portion of our adventure. The return hike to the rim will truly test your endurance and determination, but there is no feeling of accomplishment like the moment you reach the rim again. With your new perspective and the knowledge and stories passed down from your guide, you’ll get to the end of the day itching for more North Rim adventure.


4-10 miles


Campground in Grand Canyon National Park


All meals included

Hiking group passes Coconino Overlook sign in Grand Canyon
Laughing hikers on Grand Canyon North Rim trip

Today we will explore the wonders of the North Rim and really experience the spectacular alpine forests. We will hike the Widforss Trail along the rim and through meadows and beautiful forests to one of the finest views in the area. The namesake of the Widforss Trail is Gunnar Widforss, who lived at and painted the Grand Canyon in the 1930s and produced a wealth of watercolors that are now prized for how well they document the landscape and geology. At Widforss Point we will indulge in a rim-side lunch before hiking back to camp. Keep your eyes peeled for the wealth of wildlife on the North Rim. You’ve got a great chance at seeing the curious and unique Kaibab squirrel, plus mule deer, wild turkey, porcupines, and possibly some bison from a safe distance. Today we’ve taken the time to really explore the Kaibab Plateau and earned some breathtaking new views of the canyon. Tonight, we have one more delicious dinner to prepare for a sunrise hike like no other.


5-10 miles


Campground in Grand Canyon National Park


All meals included

Laughing hikers on Grand Canyon North Rim trip
Grand Canyon stone building against bright blue sky

This morning will be an early one so that we can catch a breathtaking sunrise at Bright Angel Point. Don’t sweat the early morning because your guide will bring coffee so you can enjoy a hot beverage while you immerse yourself in sunrise from this iconic viewpoint. After sunrise it’s time to enjoy a celebratory indoor breakfast at the iconic North Rim Lodge, one of the historic Grand Canyon hotels. Don’t forget to rub the nose on Brighty the Burro for good luck before we say goodbye to the canyon and transfer back to Scottsdale. On the return drive we’ll make sure to stop for a final guide-prepared lunch at Wupatki National Monument. Wupatki National Monument is situated between the picturesque Painted Desert and uplifted ponderosa forests of Flagstaff. Though these lands once housed dozens of ancestral Puebloan villages they now stand as a silent monument of the bustling life and trade that once was. You should arrive back to the Holiday Inn Express in Scottsdale between 4:00 and 6:00pm.


2 miles


On your own


Breakfast and lunch included, dinner on your own

Grand Canyon stone building against bright blue sky

Nitty Gritty

AOA’s adventures might challenge you, but we don’t want them to surprise you, these Nitty Gritty details can help you decide if this the right trip for you.

Comforts of Home

Cell service & Electricity: The Grand Canyon area has very limited cell phone service, you should expect to be unreachable by phone. While camping at Grand Canyon, the only electricity is in the public restrooms at the campground. Bring a portable phone charger so you’re not reliant on this power source.


On this trip we camp in public National Park campgrounds that provide the best access to trails and canyon sights. We select sites with great bathroom and shower access, but we will have other travelers as neighbors and may occasionally hear the noise of cars passing by the campground.

Age & Group Size

Minimum Age: 10
Max Group Size: 9

Van Transports

This trip involves long van transports, expect to be in the van about 6-6.5 hours during the drive to and from the Grand Canyon’s North Rim.


The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is at a high elevation where the overnight lows can be very cold, even in midsummer. Day time temperatures can vary wildly on the North Rim.

Trip Ratings

Fitness 3 | Comfort 3 | Solitude 3.5 | Guest Participation 2