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3-Day Havasu Falls Express Trip

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ArizonaGrand CanyonHavasu Falls
Tour Length
3 days, 2 nights
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We’ve designed this Havasu Falls trip itinerary for the time crunched, adventurous, and economical traveler to be the perfect exhilarating guided hiking trip to Havasupai in the Grand Canyon. On this guided trek we will carry our personal gear in our backpacks for the 10 mile hike into and out of the canyon, but don’t worry, all the amenities of our comfortable horse-supported base camp will be waiting for us at the Havasupai campground.

This trip is designed so that you can make it your own by choosing from a variety of gear rentals and upgrades. This trip begins at Grand Canyon Caverns Inn off historic Route 66 and you are responsible for your transportation to and from Grand Canyon Caverns. We do offer transportation to and from the Phoenix/Scottsdale area as an upgrade option.

Trekking the Grand Canyon, the things sacred to the Havasu tribe... the force of standing under Mooney, the beauty of Havasu, waking to fresh air and the sound of water flowing... unforgettable.Past Guest

What's Included

Tour Price Includes

  • Meals starting lunch Day 1 through lunch Day 3
  • Water and snacks
  • Tents, double occupancy
  • Sleeping pads
  • Basecamp gear (kitchen equipment, hand washing station, dish washing station, solar shower, camp chairs, etc.)
  • Packhorse to carry gear provided by AOA
  • Professional Wilderness First Responder certified guides

Permit & Land Use Fees Include

  • Havasupai commercial use and entry fee
  • 2 nights Havasupai commercial camping fees
  • Havasupai Environmental Fee

Not Included ​​​​​​​

  • Personal insurance and expenses
  • Air transportation
  • Transportation to and from Grand Canyon
  • Pre- or post-trip lodging
  • Breakfast Day 1, dinner Day 4
  • Sleeping bag (available to rent from AOA)
  • Packhorse to carry your personal gear/sleeping bag
  • Gratuities to AOA Guides

Upgrades + Additions

Solo Accommodations Upgrade – $25 pp

All accommodations are shared occupancy by default. Purchase this upgrade to have a tent to yourself.

Transportation Package – $100 pp

This option requires you to meet at 6:00am in Scottsdale on Day 1

  • Ground transportation from Host Hotel in Scottsdale/Phoenix area to Hualapai Trailhead on Day 1.
  • Ground transportation from trailhead back to Host Hotel on Day 3 (ETA 6:00-8:00pm).
  • Snacks and drinks during transfer.

Gear Rental

  • Sleeping bag rental – packhorse service included ($45 per bag)
  • 30 to 40 liter daypack ($15 per pack)
  • Trekking poles (complimentary upon request)

Other Additions

  • Purchase: 3-liter Camelbak reservoir/bladder ($35 each)
  • Packhorse to carry your personal gear round-trip ($75 + tax per person)
  • Packhorse to carry guest-provided sleeping bag round-trip ($25 per bag)
  • Horseback ride into or out of the canyon ($165 per person – one way)*

*subject to availability, experience required

Optional upgrades, additions, and rentals subject to tax (7.95%).


3-Day Price

  • TOUR PRICE $ 995 pp 995
  • +Permits & Land Fees $ 420 pp* 420

*Subject to change and will be based on actual costs at time of departure

*Subject to change and will be based on actual costs at time of departure

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AOA has been an outfitter on the Havasupai Indian Reservation since 1997, and licensed each year since the guide license program’s inception. All of AOA’s trip departures are subject to the policies and regulations set forth by the Havasupai tribal council. Changes to regulations for licensed outfitters, and any potential effects to AOA’s scheduled departures, are at the discretion of the tribe. For 2019, the tribal leadership is debating the future of the guide licensing program and there has been discussion of a moratorium for commercial tours. We are in close communication with the Havasupai General Counsel and the Havasupai Tourist Enterprise. We will update our customers when we receive definitive news, a final decision is expected no later than mid-January 2019. Should this negatively impact any reservations made by our customers for 2019, we will provide a full refund.

Hiking group wades through river on Havasu Falls trip

Starting at 5,200 feet, the trail to Havasupai switchbacks down until it reaches a dry streambed and levels out. The canyon walls seem to grow taller alongside the trail as you descend deeper into the labyrinthine red sandstone of Hualapai Canyon. At mile 8, the canyon begins to widen and the vegetation turns lush as you enter the village of Supai, the most remote village in the U.S. where even the mail still arrives by packhorse. Here at 3,200 feet, after a welcome rest stop to pick up our permits, the Cottonwood-lined paths will lead you through the village and into the canyon’s backcountry. A little further down the trail, you hike past 70ft. New Navajo Falls, 35 ft. Rock Falls and 100 ft. Havasu Falls. Shortly after passing Havasu Falls we will find the perfect site to set up our basecamp and home for the next two nights. Estimated arrival time is between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. Your guides will show you how to help set up tents while they arrange camp and prepare a delicious hearty dinner. Take a plunge in the refreshing creek and relax in your cozy tent until tomorrow’s adventures.


10 miles


Breakfast on your own, lunch and dinner included.


Established campground in Havasupai

Hiking group wades through river on Havasu Falls trip
Waterfall flows down cliff at Havasu Falls

Awake to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and a hearty breakfast in the camp kitchen. Our camp is conveniently located a short walk from iconic Havasu Falls and the blue waters of havasu creek. Today, your guides will lead you on hikes around Havasupai, some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. Cross tropical blue streams and clamber up narrow side canyons with red rock walls towering thousands of feet overhead. Even take a swim beside a 200 ft. waterfall. Your guide will keep you fueled with healthy, hearty meals to make the best of the day.


4-8 miles


All meals included


Established campground in Havasupai

Waterfall flows down cliff at Havasu Falls
Hiking tour group passes rock structures on Havasu Falls trip

The scenery and magic of Havasupai and its majestic waterfalls will make you never want to leave, but after breakfast it is time to conquer the canyon! While always challenging, the exhilaration of hiking past Havasu Falls and reaching the rim is an amazing feeling you will never forget. Expect to arrive at the rim between 12:00pm – 3:00pm.


10 miles


Breakfast and lunch included


On your own

Hiking tour group passes rock structures on Havasu Falls trip

Nitty Gritty

AOA’s adventures might challenge you, but we don’t want them to surprise you, these Nitty Gritty details can help you decide if this the right trip for you.

Comforts of Home

Cell service: This area has very limited cell phone service, you should expect to be unreachable by phone. There is no electricity available. Bring a portable battery to charge your phone for photos.

Bathrooms/Showers: The campground has outhouses that use unique composting system that keeps them quite clean. However, when wind blows we can sometimes smell them in camp. There are no showers available, so our guides will explain how to use Leave No Trace practices to take a shower using water from Havasu Creek.

Van Transports

Getting to Havasupai requires a long drive to reach the trailhead. If you purchase our transportation package you can expect to spend 4.5-5 hours driving to/from the canyon.

Hiking & Waterfalls

This 3-day trip moves very quickly, it can be hot hiking during the afternoon on day 1, and only offers 1 full day to explore Havasu Canyon. There is not enough time to hike to see all of Havasupai’s waterfalls.

Trip Ratings

Challenge 3 | Comfort 2 | Solitude 2.5 | Participation 2