Bike Shipping & Logistics Guide

At AOA we make every effort to ensure seamless, organized logistics and accommodate all levels of riders from beginner to elite athlete. We do this by offering a variety of options whether you are renting from us or bringing your personal bike.

Renting with AOA

Renting from AOA takes all of the hassle out of traveling with a bike. Our professionally maintained fleet of bicycles has numerous options to suit all fitness levels from hybrid touring bikes to elite performance bicycles from top manufactures including Trek, Specialized, Santa Cruz, and Giant.

Upon meeting your guide at the start of the trip your bike will be ready to ride including a spare tube, CO2 cartridge, CO2 head, tire lever, and multi-tool. You will only be responsible for bringing your pedals, shoes, and any other personal cycling equipment (GPS computer, saddle, etc.). Helmets are required on our trips, and you are welcome to bring your own, however, AOA can provide one for you upon request if needed.

You may also send us your stack and reach measurements for the bike to be set up by our professional mechanics. Stack and reach? Huh? No need to worry! If you do not know your measurements we’ll spend some time before our first ride getting your bike dialed in to ensure it’s comfortable and properly fitted to you.

Shipping Your Bike

If you are planning to bring your own bike on one of AOA’s cycling tours, there are a couple of different options for transporting your bike. You can travel with your bike or ship your bike to AOA through Please read through the details below and let us know if you have any questions.

Does NOT include shipping fees though or any other carrier. Your bike should be properly working and recently tuned before packing. If extra work is needed beyond standard assembly and fine tuning, you will be notified of any costs and parts needed.

Ship Your Bike to AOA

Bring Your Own Bike – Ship it to AOA with BikeFlights

If you are looking to bring your own bike on AOA’s cycling tours, we have teamed up with to make shipping easy and convenient.

Door-to-door shipping eliminates the hassle and high cost of flying with a bike. BikeFlights is a separate company not affiliated with AOA, all costs of shipping will be paid directly to BikeFlights.*

When you ship your bike to AOA with, AOA charges $125 to professionally unpack, build, and transport the bike to the start of your trip.

Bike Building/Pack ($125)

  • Round trip building/packing service is $125, and does NOT including shipping fees through This separate fee covers shop time for your bike to be both built/checked/tuned and re-packed, transportation to and from your trip to our warehouse, and storage of your bike box. If you ship your bike to AOA this fee will automatically be added to your reservation; AOA will not deliver a bike box or unassembled bike to the start of your trip.*
  • We require your bike to arrive at AOA 3 days prior to the start of your trip to ensure it is properly built and assessed to be safely ridden.
  • Your bike box and packing materials will be stored at our warehouse in Phoenix, AZ, and following the completion of your trip will be re-packed and shipped back to your door.
  • It is your responsibility to provide us with a return shipping label; you can simply ship your bike with it inside, or email it to us prior to your trip. The return shipping label should be scheduled for pick up no earlier than 3 days after the conclusion of your trip to allow our mechanics plenty of lead time to re-pack it properly.

Your bike should be properly working and recently tuned before packing; this greatly reduces our build time. If extra work is needed beyond standard assembly and fine tuning, you will be notified of any costs and parts needed.

*Bikeflights is a separate company, and any booking made with BikeFlights must be made directly through them. AOA has no control or responsibility for the shipping of your bike.  AOA is not responsible for any problems resulting from the services provided to you by BikeFlights including damage or delays.

Traveling with Your Bike

Bring Your Own Bike – Non-AOA Transport

If you would prefer to fly with your bike, or will be driving to the start of your trip, you are certainly more than welcome to transport it yourself. In this case you will be responsible for building and re-packing your bike. Although your guides are well-equipped to support you mechanically for the duration of your trip, they will not have time to build and pack bikes among their other responsibilities. Your bike box will also be your responsibility, and must be left with your hotel for the duration of the trip as there will not be room in any AOA vehicle. If you transport your bike and gear by any method other than directly to and from AOA, it is your responsibility.

Important to Know

  • At this time we do not permit tandem bicycles, recumbents, aero bars, TT/triathlon bikes, or unicycles on our trips.
  • CO2 cartridges are not allowed on airplanes. We will provide spare tubes and CO2’s, so no need to bring any extra.
  • Please let us know if your bike has deep aero wheels that require tubes with valve stems longer than 40mm.
  • Helmets are required at all times when riding. We have rentals free of charge upon request if you do not want to bring your own.
  • Due to the complex logistics and limited space in AOA vehicles, we are not able to offer one way shipping to or from AOA that would require us to transport your bike case.

Navigating On Your Cycling Trip

Throughout your cycling trip there may be periods of time where you or a small group will be short distances from other guests or guides. To ensure you follow the correct route, AOA will provide a mobile app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone with the routes pre-loaded for you to follow. Your guide will also have hard copies of maps and cue sheets to pass out if needed. AOA does not provide any GPS devices or mounting hardware. If you would like to mount your phone to your bike we recommend checking out the Quad Lock mounting system, or you can keep it in your jersey pocket.