Advice for Staying Active Everyday

Expert Advice
Jan 2018

Use these tips and tricks to make your escape no matter the obstacles in your way!

How often do you reach the end of the day and start making a list of all the things you didn’t have time to do today? Odds are good that this list is a regular fixture of your daily routine, and “spend more than 5 minutes outside” and/or “go to the gym” probably make a frequent appearance on it. In a perfect world, the two are probably one and the same.

Do things with other people. I plan bike rides, runs, or hikes with friends to hold myself accountable. This keeps me from making excuses.


No matter where you work – from home, corporate office, or adventure tour company – nobody is immune to getting caught up in the 9 to 5 grind. You are not the only one wishing you could spend your days hiking in the Grand Canyon. Dream big and plan for those grand adventures, but you can make your escape from the office every day with a little bit of effort. We asked some of our nine-to-fivers for their tips on forming small habits, setting goals, and scheduling time in advance. Hopefully their tips will help you discover your own secret to staying active and getting outside every day.


Set a Goal and chase it

Bethany, ripping it on her mountain bike at the 12 Hours of Fury

“For 2017 I made a goal that I was going to cycle 1,000 miles by the end of the year. Then I committed to riding my bike at least 2x per week. It didn’t matter when or how long the ride was. Sometimes they were long back to back rides on the weekend, other times I was able to get a short ride in during the work week before sunset, but sticking with it helped me set a good exercise routine and crush my 1,000 mile goal!”

– Bethany


Start Small & Be Consistent

Mid-week climbing gym sessions help Siera sharpen her skills for the weekend.

“Sometimes it can be challenging to fit in time for the outdoors during the work day, but you can ALWAYS find a way to make it work! Here are a few ways I make time for fresh air everyday:

  1. Eating lunch outside or taking a break (not necessarily during lunch time) to walk outside, read a book outside, make a phone call outside
  2. Start the morning or finish the day with a hike or run on a nearby trail
  3. Make your date with your friends outside! Happy hour on the patio counts in my book. 🙂
  4. Plan in advance to make sure you can make getting outside a priority each day. If you have a hectic week, make the time to get up a little earlier – even if it’s only 15 minutes, it’s better than nothing!”

– Siera


Make it a Priority

Ok, this isn’t a quick midday ride, but without those, race day wouldn’t be possible.

“I make my workouts and time outside an extremely high priority – in fact, it’s about on the same level as going to work. This means you will likely have to sacrifice other activities or commitments in order to go to bed on time and wake up early the next day (sleep is also up there on my priorities). Making plans with like-minded friends either in the early morning or after work is another great way to stay accountable and active, and of course doubles as social time and adventure time.”

– Paul


Don’t Let “Busy” Be an Excuse

Annemarie out for a hike with her dog Crash.

“It is so easy to let a busy schedule get the best of you. I’ve learned a few tricks to keeping myself motivated.

  1. Do things with other people. I plan bike rides, runs, or hikes with friends to hold myself accountable. This keeps me from making excuses.
  2. Plan your week out on Sunday to fit it all in. I compare my schedule with my husband’s to we make sure to plan time together and to share responsibilities like grocery shopping and taking care of our dogs.
  3. Get ready the night before. I do most of my adventuring early in the morning so I get all my gear, clothes, and meals for the day ready the night before.

It’s by no means a perfect science, but doing these things has made a HUGE difference in the frequency of my mid-week adventures, and helped me physically and mentally.”