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Bryce Canyon National Park Guided Adventure Tours

If you’re looking for unique geology and stunning Utah landscapes, a guided tour in Bryce Canyon National Park is the national park for you. Despite its name, Bryce Canyon National Park isn’t actually a canyon, but rather a collection of naturally formed amphitheaters. These amphitheaters are made up of colorful, towering rock spires that the park is so popular for, called “hoodoos.” Visitors should spend at least a full day in the park amongst the hoodoos to see how the light affects the colorful spires. Don’t forget to wait and see how they change in appearance as the night arrives. The high elevation, exceptional air quality, and location far from any major sources of light pollution make Bryce a world-class stargazing destination. Aside from the views, visitors will be fascinated to learn how the Bryce Canyon’s geologic record – spanning from 100 million years at the rim to 2 billion years at the bottom-most layer – displays quite the impressive story about how earth was formed.

Those wanting to visit Bryce can explore deep into the amphitheaters on hikes such as the Navajo Loop Trail, with landmarks like Thor’s Hammer and Wall Street to see along the way, the Peekaboo Loop Trail, which shows off the park’s diverse plant and animal life, the Fairyland Loop Trail for those looking to go the distance, and the Rim Trail which is best to stroll along during sunrise or sunset. Bryce is conveniently located to visit surrounding Utah parks such as Zion, Escalante, Kodachrome, Thunder Mountain, and more!