The Day Tour Experience

Equipment and Safety

All of the equipment used on guided single-day tours is first-class outdoor equipment from reputable brands. We transport all gear and equipment to and from the tour location, you just show up and enjoy the tour. Equipment is always cleaned and inspected after every tour to ensure it’s fit for use and to ensure our guests have a safe and enjoyable tour experience.

On the water we use gear primarily made by the brand NRS, and our bike tours are supported by multiple brands of high-end cycling equipment including Trek, Specialized, Giant, and Santa Cruz bikes.

All of our guides are CPR and First Aid certified, carry extra water and snacks, and are very familiar with all the routes we use for our tours.

Education & Inspiration

On a guided tour, guides share their knowledge about the desert throughout the experience. Education is key to protecting and appreciating wild environments. Animal sightings are common on our tours and always provide an opportunity to discuss how the native wildlife have adapted to live in the Sonoran Desert. Going guided not only takes away the stress and risks associated with exploring in the desert, it also is a way to learn about the ecosystem and come to appreciate it more deeply.

Difficulty Level of Tours

We offer single-day tours in a range of difficulty to accommodate guests of varying interests and fitness. We work hard to place individual parties together with others of similar experience level and fitness expectations so that all participants are satisfied and safe. Our guides often design the activity for each tour around the group itself, so no tour is ever exactly the same as another.

All tours can also be reserved as private tours for your party only, for an additional fee.

If you have any questions about the difficulty of a particular activity, please give us a call to discuss your concerns.

Day Tours In Arizona

Just how old is that cactus? How much rain does the desert get? Can a rattlesnake kill me?

Arizona’s Sonoran Desert is an untamed landscape. It is the hottest desert in the United States but it’s also the most tropical which means it’s rich in plant and animal life despite the rugged terrain. A visit to Arizona wouldn’t be complete without taking in views of the giant saguaro cactus (carnegia gigantea), hiking among jumping cholla cactus, or floating down one of the indispensable desert rivers in a raft or kayak.

Experience the Desert First-hand

The up close and personal experience you will have on our half-day tours offers the opportunity for you to come to appreciate the hardy plants, animals, and people who have made their home out of a landscapes that appears so inhospitable at first glance. Your experienced tour guide will ensure you take proper safety precautions to prevent yourself being poked, sticked, or pricked by a cactus, and help you turn your fear or apprehension about desert wildlife into curiosity and fascination.

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Day Hikes In Yosemite

Every year, Yosemite National Park is one of the top 10 most-visited national parks in the United States. The park is famous for its incredible granite rock features including Half Dome and El Capitan, as well as for the allure of the high country. There are countless hiking trails and other activities available in the park, whether you choose to visit Yosemite Valley, or explore areas more off the beaten path. The towering granite cliffs, giant sequoias, glacier-carved valleys, and high alpine lakes create a dramatic, unique landscape unlike any other in the world.

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Day Hikes In Rocky Mountain National Park

Moose, bighorn sheep, north american wolverine and even mexican spotted owl call Rocky Mountain National park home. But even without the abundant wildlife, this park would still belong to a group of one of the highest national parks in the country. With 60 peaks over 12,000 feet in elevation there is not shortage of peaks to summit, or valleys to make you feel small in this vast landscape. Visitors come from around the world every year to experience the impressive range of ecological zones for themselves, hiking to yet another subalpine lake and understanding how glaciers contributed to this remarkable Colorado gem.

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Day Hikes In Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is known for the iconic geysers that has dominated space on visitor’s cameras for years. In fact, the area is home to the most undisturbed hydrothermal features left in the world. Despite the prominence, Yellowstone is much more than the thermal basins it is known for. Bears, bullfrogs, bighorn sheep, beavers, and the nation’s largest bison population roam the backcountry – and if you’re lucky you can catch a glimpse of these creatures in their daily routines. Visitors have the option to explore all kinds of Yellowstone territory, from the Grand Canyon carved by the Yellowstone River, to the views earned from Mount Washburn and the quintessential Old Faithful geyser or Grand prismatic hot spring.

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