The Custom Tour Experience



Discover Your Adventure Style

Custom trips are carefully crafted by AOA’s adventure consultants to achieve your ultimate adventure vision. The process is detailed and thorough but the concept is simple, use our knowledge of the American West and passionate approach to guided travel to provide each of our customers with the “pinnacle of adventure experiences” in their own unique adventure style.

You may be small group of friends or a multi-generational family, an event organizer looking for logistical support, or even a travel representative looking to put together packaged trips for your clients. We can work with you to turn your outdoor dreams into unforgettable memories.

Designing Your Trip

Every custom trip or program starts with a conversation. It’s important that our team understands your vision, knows who will participate in this trip and what each person hopes to achieve on their adventure before we can start talking about itineraries or prices.

Step 1: Call us

Or submit a request for a custom trip proposal and give us a general outline of your adventure vision, including your group size, the time of year or exact dates, the location(s) you’d like to travel, and any special requests.

Step 2: We create your personalized itinerary and estimate of costs.

Keep in mind that this is a proposal and you may change, modify, add, or subtract anything you wish until it suits you and your budget perfectly.

Step 3: Hit the trail!

…or singletrack, or river, or sit on your chosen lodge’s veranda with a perfectly chilled beverage, learn all about the flora, fauna and geology – let our world-class guides help you create a life-long memory.

Develop a Business Partnership

If you are hoping to develop a program that’s bigger than a personal adventure vacation, we would love to work with you. This process is quite thorough and requires quite a lot of collaboration. Reach out our team of adventure consultants to get started.