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Reasons to Backpack the Superstition Wilderness

Nov 2017

Wilderness – Solitude – History

Arizona’s Superstition Wilderness is the best winter backpacking destination you’ve never heard of. Winter in central Arizona’s Sonoran Desert offers mild weather and welcome respite from the winter storms that descend on much of the US and Canada. Make the most of the moderate temperatures and discover the desert’s wild side while backpacking the Superstition Wilderness. The beautifully rugged terrain, multitude of backpacking routes taking you far away from crowds, and the exciting native and settler legends of the region will have you yearning to hike every trail of the Superstition Mountains.


The Superstition Wilderness has over 160,000 acres of rugged and steep terrain. It’s easy to get sidetracked by the variety of flora and fauna you’ll encounter here – from the boulder piles to small watering holes, and saguaro forests to pockets of ponderosa pine – there’s so much to explore.



If you’re looking for trails less-traveled, you’ll find them in the Superstition Wilderness. A backpacking trip takes you deeper into this mountainous landscape along virtually untrodden routes.



You may not find the legendary Lost Dutchman gold mine on your backpacking trip, but you’ll learn the rich history of how this wilderness was named and why explorers still tell its wild mountain tales.


Ready to wander your way through the Superstition Wilderness? Find yourself the best backpack for your trip with our Backpack Gear Guide. If you’ve never been backpacking during the winter in the Sonoran Desert, this blog is a good virtual guide… or you could just go guided!