About AOA

Our vision is to enhance the lives of our customers and employees by providing the pinnacle of adventure experiences.

On every guided adventure trip our mission is the same. To exceed your expectations in 5 key areas.

Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, and Rafting Safety

It is our foremost priority. Mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking are activities in which the guest has control of his or her own equipment and/or footing. Therefore, we can never absolutely guarantee your safety, but we will take the appropriate steps to help you mitigate the inherent risks. All guides are First Aid and CPR certified and equipped with extensive first aid kits, additional water, and a cell phone or two-way radio. Many have advanced certifications such as Wilderness First Responder, Swift Water Rescue, and National Outdoor Leadership degrees.

Comfortable Accommodations

On our multi-day adventure tours, we provide amenities and equipment in our camps to elevate your comfort level in the backcountry. We provide high quality camping gear, from spacious tents with luxuriously thick sleeping mattresses to private wash/shower stations. Also, personal hygiene can be challenging for inexperienced backcountry travelers. Our guides will take care to provide the tips and tools to keep you clean and comfortable.

Delicious Meals with Dietary Flexibility

Nothing is better than a cold drink and a wonderful meal after a long day on the trail. A professional chef plans our menu, and trains our guides on how to prepare and present his backcountry culinary creations. Expect hearty, healthy meals with fresh vegetables, fruits, and proteins each day. Snacks are available at all times. Should you have any special dietary needs or restrictions, they can be easily accommodated, hassle-free!

Exceptional Adventure Tour Guides

Our guides are carefully teamed to maximize their individual expertise ensuring your every need is satisfied. Professional, knowledgeable, sensitive, humorous, great leader, skilled teacher – we could write a long list of descriptive words and phrases. However, if you came to our office, our bulging files of “thank you” letters, would tell a better story.

Unique Outdoor Educational Experiences

Learning the natural and cultural history of these magnificent landscapes adds tremendously to your tour experience. Veteran adventure travelers know that a fulfilling and memorable vacation goes far beyond gorgeous vistas. We focus on teaching you the flora, fauna, geology and history of the unique environments encountered on all of our guided outdoor tours.

Adventure The AOA Way

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